Is the Three Hour Work Day™ Possible? 

It´s a bold claim to say that a person can get more done in 3 hours than most people get done in 8 hours.

Bold, yet very possible.

There are a set of core principles and tactics which work in virtually any industry, business, organization, and even personal life.

Learn them.

Apply them.

Enjoy freedom, productivity, and impact.

Here are a few of the key principles:

  • Identify and Do the Vital Few™
  • Live with Direction and Intention
  • ADDD Freedom™
    • Automate
    • Delegate
    • Delete
    • Deadlines

Some use these to work 3 hours a day and then spend the rest volunteering, creating an impact, hobbies, family time, or more.

Others do multiple 3-Hour Work Days™ per day! They effectively triple their productivity and get things done.

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